Phone: +1 2067895012

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Please dial “0” or press the “Concierge” button on your room’s phone for assistance at any time. We may also assist in printing or faxing documents-email or fax 206-789-2010. 


Dial “9” for all Outgoing calls from your guestroom phone. 

Housekeeping: Dial 611 

Lost & Found: Dial 611 or Concierge   

Spa Desk: 122 

OAC Desk: 100


Standard Rooms: On the wall of the bedroom directly after the hall entrance, facing the bed(s) and windows. 

Luxury Suites: On the right side of the entryway immediately before entering the living room. 

Courtyard Suites: On the right side wall of the bedroom nearest the far back corner. In some rooms, the control keypad may be obscured from view by a bedside lamp. 

All keypads have buttons located directly beneath the control screen which control the mode of operation, temperature, and fan speed. 

  • Mode: To select an operation, press the button until the desired setting is shown on the screen and then proceed to the temperature section. 
  • Temperature: The two buttons in the middle allow you to lower (left button) or raise (right button) the temperature.  
  • Fan Speed: Press this button to select the speed and direction that suits you. 

Located directly inside the entrance to each guest room is an orange light switch. This switch acts as a master power control for the entire room. While typically left in the “On” (upward) setting, if the switch is turned “Off” (downward) most electronic items in the room will not be able to turn on. This includes but is not limited to overhead lights, desk lamps, bathroom lights, and televisions.