When you visit Seattle, or take a little staycation close to home, you have a lot of options for where you can stay. Within Seattle proper, there are water views, mountain views, foodie-friendly areas, dense urban excitement, clubs & bars, shopping strips, quaint neighborhoods, family-friendly areas and more. In Ballard, all that is available.

We love Ballard for a LOT of reasons, but here are a few of our favorites:

Ballard is a great neighborhood for ALL ages.

Whether you’re a young family looking for places to take the kids to play, toy stores, and family-friendly restaurants—or you’re in your 20s looking for a spot to head out for drinks with your friends—or you’re a bit older looking for a quieter day out on the town, Ballard has it all.

Ballard does food like you wouldn’t believe.

No matter what your preferred cuisine, Ballard has it. There’s a wide variety of cuisines, price points, restaurant styles—really, just about any way you can judge a restaurant, Ballard has it. There’s even a weekly rotation of some of the best food trucks known to man. We’re also home to Paseo—and if you haven’t tried Paseo… well… it’s time.

Ballard has an awesome nightlife.

From karaoke to pinball, and from music to brews, Ballard is jam-packed with things to do after dark (or in the very light summer evenings we have here). Head into any one of the bars on Market St. or in the surrounding area for different vibes & entertainment options. There are happy hours all over the neighborhood to get you started, too!

Ballard has an awesome day… life…

What is the opposite of nightlife? Daylife? Those same places that serve food like you wouldn’t believe offer breakfasts, brunches & lunches that’ll make you want to go back over and over. The shopping is awesome (we’ll talk about that in the next point), there are awesome walks to go on, places to visit, and even a rock wall to climb.

Ballard’s shopping area is fairly compact and entirely awesome.

On and around Market St. and Ballard Ave, there are tons of boutiques that can fulfill your needs for just about everything—clothes, toys, trinkets, gifts, pet supplies, etc. The “downtown” Ballard area is chalked full of local business that support local businesses, giving it a unique vibe & selection.

Ballard offers convenience, too.

One thing that not all Seattle neighborhoods can boast is the convenience of grocery & drug stores—if you’re from out of town, sometimes you just need something you recognize to fill a prescription or get basic supplies. Ballard has that. (and with parking lots, too!)

Ballard has pretty places & views.

Now, in Seattle, it’s actually really hard to NOT be somewhere with pretty places & views—but Ballard has two major attractions: The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks & Golden Gardens. Spend some time on the water with mountain vies over at Golden Gardens, or hang out in beautifully maintained park and watch boats come & go through the locks (and don’t forget to go look at the fish ladder).

We love Seattle in its entirety—but we love Ballard just a little bit more. We may be biased—but we’re actually pretty sure it’s just better here.