Where To Get Your Fall Flavors In Ballard and Beyond

Fall is officially here, and that means cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and of course, a wide variety of autumn flavors. In Seattle, we take fall seriously. That means from signature pumpkin spice lattes to unique fall beer at craft breweries across the city, there are many great fall flavors to try. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are looking for a great Pumpkin Spice Latte, here are a few places to get your fall flavor fix in Ballard and beyond.

Coffee and Tea

In Seattle, we’re known for our expertise when it comes to coffee. Nothing will warm you up as the weather gets cooler like a flavorful cup of coffee or tea, made specially for the season. If you’re looking for a great Pumpkin Spice Latte or a few other autumn-themed beverages to warm you up, try a few of these mom and pop shop coffee creations:

Beer and Spirits

If you are more partial to happy hour than coffee breaks, there are still many great fall flavors to enjoy. From creative autumn cocktails to signature pumpkin beer from local craft breweries, give some of these cool-evening drinks a try:

For The Sweet Tooth
No list of great fall flavors is complete without adding a few desserts to the list. You’ll find a number of tasty desserts and treats all across Ballard and beyond, and many boast signature fall flavors. Whether you’re seeking a sweet post-dinner treat or a tasty pastry that can pass for breakfast, give some of these local flavors a try:

  • Apple Streusel CupcakeCupcake Royale, Ballard, Capitol Hill, Downtown, and other locations
  • Mulled Wine Sorbet, Molly Moon’s, Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and other locations
  • Pumpkin DonutsMighty-O, Ballard, Denny, Capitol Hill, and Greenlake
  • Classic Pumpkin PiePie Bar, Ballard

Whether you’re looking for fall leaves or the best Pumpkin Spice Latte, Seattle has a lot to offer. At Hotel Ballard, we love all things fall in our neighborhood and beyond. To learn more about our accommodations and facilities, visit our website today!