At Hotel Ballard, we provide luxury accommodations while maintaining the character of our neighborhood. As a boutique hotel, we offer an experience that would not be possible in a chain hotel, especially somewhere as special as old historic Ballard.

So, what makes a hotel “boutique?” Here’s how we define it:

• Small size. A hotel doesn’t need to be huge to have a big personality. Boutique hotels are generally defined by hospitality experts as having 10-100 rooms. No long, confusing hallways here!

• One-of-a-kind. Boutique hotels are independent, or at least operate to feel that way. They are exclusively themselves without the corporate mood of chain hotels.

• Unique space. Perhaps the most important aspect of a boutique hotel is just that—it’s boutique. It’s unique. It shouldn’t feel like anywhere else. The beauty of its small size is that it can fit within a city or town’s existing spaces rather than being built. Hotel Ballard is located in a quirky brick building in the Old Ballard district, giving it a unique atmosphere that is unparalleled in other Seattle accommodations.

 Local. We believe that a boutique hotel should convey a strong sense of place, offering guests a glimpse of local culture through setting and atmosphere. Hotel Ballard is located in the heart of Old Ballard Ave, giving our guests immediate access to the best of the neighborhood’s hot spots.

• Chic. Just like a retail boutique, this type of hotel has style. You should feel cool being there, that’s the fun of it!

 Great service. A smaller, more intimate hotel should provide exceptional customer service. Each visitor is different, so service should be personalized to meet each guest’s specific needs.

Book a visit at Hotel Ballard to see what our boutique style is all about!