Good morning! Whether you’re enjoying your luxurious hotel room by sleeping in or waking up early for a busy day, there are plenty of spots near Hotel Ballard for your morning cup of Joe. Start your day off right at one of our favorite local coffee and breakfast spots along Ballard Avenue NW.

Anchored Ship Coffee Bar
5306 Ballard Ave NW | Mon–Sun 7am–7pm, Fri & Sat ‘til 11pm

Keep your eyes peeled for this discrete storefront, nestled within the brick buildings and storefronts of historic Ballard Avenue. Look for the small café tables and dog water bowl on the sidewalk. Anchored Ship is an independently owned and operated coffee shop that is proud to serve Counter Culture Coffee and pastry products from local vendors. There are always new brews to try from awesome roasters, so be sure to ask a barista about the latest bean. Enjoy your morning pick-me-up in the cozy space or from a table outside for a perfect sipping location along Ballard’s sweet spot.

Fresh Flours Bakery & Café
5313 Ballard Ave NW | Mon–Sun 7am–5pm

If you’re looking for a unique experience to contrast a routine Starbucks run, pop into Fresh Flours. This cool café is rooted in Japanese culture from the minds of Tokyo-born owner Keiji. The menu includes an array of Japanese-influenced selections baked fresh daily. Offerings include coffee, tea, breakfast pastries, small treats, Japanese fusion pastries, hand-painted cookies, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Fresh Flours doubles as a gallery space, with a rotating schedule of featured artwork on display.

Alison's Coastal Cafe & Bakery
5404 Leary Ave NW | Tue-Fri 6:30am-7pm, Sat 7:30-7pm, Sun 8am-4pm

Ballard’s newest, feel-good food spot has taken over the space where B & O Espresso used to be. Alison’s Coastal Café & Bakery will serve breakfast all day, along with lunch, specialty desserts, and take home meals. Enjoy comfort food in the new cozy and community-oriented café.

5214 Ballard Ave NW | Brunch Sat & Sun 10am–3pm

Our very own Stoneburner, located on the ground floor of Hotel Ballard, is a convenient spot for a hearty morning meal on the weekends. It’s open Saturday and Sunday for brunch so that you can hit the snooze button, relax in your room, and meander down for breakfast at your leisure.