The staff here at Hotel Ballard loves that we’re part of the Ballard neighborhood. We love the culture, the activities, the food – you name it! There are some special reasons why we love the neighborhood, and reasons we encourage you to visit Ballard so that you can fall in love, too.

Here they are!

The Food: Seriously, we have some of the best restaurants in Seattle, and frankly, some of the best in the whole nation too! Eaters from all over the States love Ballard restaurants like the Walrus and Carpenter, Bastille, and Staple & Fancy. For anything from a hearty breakfast to finger-licking Cuban sandwich at lunch, oysters at happy hour and something gorgeous for dinner, there’s something for everyone’s dining tastes in Ballard. Don’t think it’s too snooty, either – you’ll find some excellent pizza or burgers just steps from Hotel Ballard’s door. If you’re looking for some direction, take a look at our blog post about the 6 best Ballard restaurants.

The Beer: There are so many breweries scattered around Ballard, we could almost claim the title of ‘The Brewing Neighborhood’. There’s Hale’s Ales, Hilliard’s, Maritime Pacific Brewing, Northwest Peaks, Naked City … the list goes on and on. And more are popping up all the time! The Seattle Met Magazine did a highlight on eight new breweries back in June. Just imagine how many more have opened since then!

The Culture: From the ‘Free Ballard’ campaign, to our Nordic and industrial roots and seafood-fanatical tastes, we have a unique city culture here in Ballard. We’re still very tied to the canal and water, harking back to the neighborhood’s early days as it’s own sawmill and fishing town before the limits of the city of Seattle expanded. There’s still a very industrial element to the area, and we celebrate seafood with a festival every summer!

When you visit Ballard, we hope you’ll enjoy your stay. In case you haven’t seen it before, make sure you check out our earlier post about activities in Ballard to compliment your visit.