When it's 30 degrees outside and you're bundled in layers, beaches and boardshorts seem a long way away. Summer seems like a distant future right now, but it’ll be here sooner than you think. That’s why this is the time to plan for summer parties, weddings, conferences, and more. If you’re looking for a one of a kind venue for your special event this summer, look no further. Whatever your event, consider a few reasons to celebrate with us.

The Space
From corporate meetings, to weddings, and everything in between, Hotel Ballard has a variety of rooms and suites and we’ll take great care of your party. Whether you’re looking to book a few rooms together or rent out our entire hotel, this space has a lot to offer. We also provide a discount for group bookings. Our Olympic Rooftop Pavilion offers 1,370 square feet of event space with unparalleled views of surrounding mountains and the Puget Sound. We also offer audio visual support, vaulted ceilings, a 20 foot skylight, and a variety of features to make your event special.

The Food
Food can make or break an event. At Stoneburner, our in-house restaurant, you won’t be disappointed. Jason Stoneburner, the restaurant’s owner and head chef, showcases traditional Mediterranean style cooking with flavors of the Pacific Northwest. At the restaurant, you’ll taste stone hearth cooking and see artifacts and decor from around the world. Private Stoneburner events are held in our rooftop pavilion where you’ll enjoy great food and great views.

The Neighborhood
From the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks to picturesque views at Golden Gardens beach, the Ballard neighborhood is a great destination for any Seattle-bound traveler. When the sun is up until ten p.m., you’ll fully experience the days and watch them turn into nights as the sunsets on Seattle’s western shores. An area known for great food and drinks, rich culture, and deep history, Ballard is a truly special place to bring your family and friends. Less than an hour drive from some of Washington’s best hiking, snow sports, fishing, and a variety of other experience, Ballard is the perfect hub for your summer gathering.

The Experience
A boutique hotel offers a different kind of experience for all types of guests. When events are held in large hotels, it's easy for parties to get split up or overwhelmed in the mix of a hundreds of hotel rooms and large volumes of guests. At Hotel Ballard, we offer a boutique venue where your group will be a priority. Our team is happy to work with you to help create the experience you’re looking for so your group can have the best event possible.

It's cold right now, but it won’t be forever. Summer will be here in a few months, so now is the time to start planning. To learn more about our event spaces or to schedule one of our venues, contact us today!