Hotel Ballard would like to remind you that Valentine’s Day is on Friday. You can thank us later for the reminder.

One of the things we love about Ballard is its diversity to accommodate any “style” of romance. It’s got the dimly lit restaurants, bright coffee shops, scenic walks, candy shops, music venues, a theater, and let’s not forget one particular classy hotel that we love…

If you’re going to be in Ballard for Valentine’s day, here are a few little tips for you:

Let’s start with the basics: flowers and chocolate. If you’re into the traditional Valentine’s gifts, Ballard has you covered. Start by swinging by Ballard Blossom on NW Market St to pick up a bouquet. They’ve got Valentine’s Day specific arrangements, as well as non-traditional arrangements. As for chocolate, head up the street to Hot Cakes. They’ve got a number of chocolaty options—ranging from delicious sauces to put on your desserts to cookies; chocolate covered nuts, and outstanding cakes… and boozy milkshakes!

If you’re looking to wine & dine, Ballard is full of restaurants that will fit any date night vibe. There are waterfront restaurants like Ray’s Boathouse; walk-up quick eats like Paseo, and nearby favorites like the Matador Restaurant & tequila bar.

When it comes to to-dos, events, and just generally fun stuff, there are a number of music venues nearby like Sunset Tavern and Tractor Tavern. Check out King’s Hardware for drinks & skew ball—or head over to Ballard Jam House for some jazz. If your lover is a wine lover, swing by Portalis Wine Shop & Wine Bar for an array of wines.

And in case you haven’t heard, our very own Stoneburner is hosting a special dinner on the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion at Hotel Ballard! The multi-course dinner includes oysters, short ribs and more for$195 per person (including wine pairings and a glass of bubbly to start. There are only 15 tables for two with reservations between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m., so call the restaurant to hold your romantic table: 206-695-2051.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional romantic night out—or a fun & playful adventure, Ballard has something for you & your valentine to do. And if you’re looking for a romantic night in… well… our suites are perfectly designed to suit an indoor picnic – and there are lots of great eateries around to supply your romantic meal.