Welcome to Ballard—the land that runneth over with beer. Ballard is widely known for many things like the Ballard Locks, Scandinavian culture, Golden Gardens, and more. Ballard is known by Seattleites as all of those things, too—but we also know that Ballard is something of a mecca for brews. If you’re coming to visit our gorgeous city, and you’re staying at Ballard Hotel, take a tour around these breweries to satisfy your thirst:


This place is perhaps one of Seattle’s most beloved breweries. They’ve got a pub on the same site as the brewery where you can chomp on delicious pub grub as you sip on any one of the ten house beers on tap—or one of the six local guest beers. They serve everything from a cream ale to IPAs, Porters and more. If you want a wide selection of some of Seattle’s best beer, Hale’s Ale is the place to visit.


Do yourself a favor and visit Hillard’s Taproom while you’re in town. Why? Because their beer is awesome, and it’s always $4 a pint. Do you need another reason? Often there are some killer food trucks hanging around—and since they don’t serve food, you’re always welcome to bring your own food in. $4 beer—and you bring your own food. What more could you want?


NW Peaks has three standard beers: Eldorado Pale, Redoubt Red, and Challenger IPA. This month, they’ve got two more hanging around—Granite Oat Ale and Chair Belgian Pale. They’ve got regular taproom hours—and sell by the growler. Oh—They also tell us that their growlers last indefinitely until they’re open. That means you can buy a growler while you’re staying at Hotel Ballard, and take it home with you, and drink it down the road when you’re missing all of the fantastic beer in this city.


You’ve heard of microbreweries before—Populuxe is a nanobrewery. They’re a little harder to get into, with limited hours (Thursday & Friday 4:30–9:00pm, Saturday 2–9pm) but WELL worth it once you’re there. They’ve got ten taps that rotate regularly and include a variety of beers & ciders. Thursday night is Cask Night when they’ve got an 11th beverage that you can imbibe.

Now you’re ready to hit the streets in Ballard and enjoy some of the best beer Seattle (and the world, we think) has to offer!